Split Spirits

How It's Made


We believe it's possible to make spirits that enrich the soil, rejuvenate the forest and refresh our air and water.
We believe there's no need to compromise the environment to obtain delicious flavor. We believe individual choices have the power to change the course of history.

This is the vision that guides us and we endeavor to do the right thing at every step. There are miles to go before we reach our destination and we invite you to learn more about our journey to create deeply sustainable spirits.

Using the Entire Tree
When we learned a single century-old white oak tree only yielded less than two whiskey barrels we set out to discover if there was a more responsible way to achieve the rich and complex flavors that make traditional whiskey so delicious. By infusing our spirits with splits of wood, we are able to use ninety percent less wood compared to barrel-aged whiskey.

It takes a century for acorns to grow into a tree old enough to be harvested to make whiskey barrels.
Split wood imparts unique flavors to each bottle of Split Spirits. Since we split each piece by hand we can work with wood that isn't suitable for making barrels.

Coopers can only use knot-free wood from the trunk but the majority of the wood is contained in the tree's sprawling crown. Split Spirits can use wood from branches and trunk alike.

Rather than felling an entire tree, we use seconds from timber that has already been harvested. This allows us to make delicious spirits without cutting down entire adult trees in the process, and without compromising quality or flavor. We are also proud to support the movement towards global reforestation by planting a tree for every case of Split Spirits sold through onetreeplanted.org.

Renewable Energy and Efficient Operations
We partner with Appalachian Gap Distillery in Middlebury, VT to transform these grains into the base of our Split Spirits. An on-site 36 kW solar array generates a surplus of electricity and spent grains go to an anaerobic digester to create more clean power. Split Spirits partners with farmers that use regenerative practices to cultivate grains adapted to thrive in each place. Regenerative organic farming methods promote soil fertility and sequester carbon, ensuring that our farmers' fields continue to thrive and provide healthy food for generations to come.